Monday, April 20, 2015

The Year of the Yin Wood Goat

This year we descend into the Yin elements of the Chinese Zodiac wheel. This system of Astrology look at the wider universal influences beyond the mere solar system in which the Western Astrological gaze is set. Elementally the Goat animal is earth, so combined with wood, we see a dynamic present that brings us to look more closely at environmental issues. Wood element concerns our "trees", while the earth element concerns just that, "our earth". So to state the obvious, this year we have no choice but to look at our impact on the planet.

In reverse, the planetary impact on us as "earthlings" as such cannot be ignored. Just as the moon governs our tides as it has a gravitational pull over the earth's waters, so too do the other planets influence our own. It can be seen as a form of relationship, just as our "community has an impact on us as human beings.

To keep things simple for this year, the earth under wood combination asks that we recognise where our emotions come from. The wood stemming from the earth elementally is "emotions - governed by wood element / the liver)...signifies emotions born of the physical realm. This gives the image of emotion arising from the way we treat ourselves physically. So much recognition is given to how emotion gives birth to ailments, illness and disease,,,but now we come to the time in which we need to realise how we treat our bodies will ultimately influence how we "feel", energetically and spiritually. 

So this year demonstrates a time in which we can learn and discover how much our "environment" and the earth around us actually impacts "back" on us. The physical environment, in Feng Shui is very much a big part of who we we are reflected in it and by it. Looking at where and how one lives can say so much about us. So now it is time to become masters of our destiny simply by harnessing the physical environment that surrounds us, aligning it so that we may utilise it to it's full potential. 

This year we need to realise how important the food we eat really is in affecting our internal organs and therefore the connected and associated emotions. As in traditional chinese medicine, our spiritual and emotional self is seen very clearly in our physical make up and condition. They are not separate from one another. In fact, your elemental make up and balance (Astrologically  - in Chinese Astrology) can depict and reveal so much about the tenancies of the body-mind & spirit in terms of it's dynamic.

So now is a wonderful time to get present to the truth that the physical balance of the world around us and within us, is a direct mirror of our emotional self - and the spiritual fulfillment that we seek. 

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Full Moon in Cancer

The full moon in Cancer shines a light on the inner most treasures that can now illuminate the soul from the inside out, as a candle glows in the dark. 

Soft and soulful, we are in the perfect time to express our love for those dearest and nearest in gratitude and acknowledgement for the meaning they have to us. 

The Cancer full moon is at home in it's own sign, ruling the water element and it's cycles of ebb and flow, teaching us when to grow and when to let go. 

This full moon is a beautiful time to set intentions and send messages out into the universe for the wishes we have and the dreams we hold deep within. This full moon brings an opportunity to see clearly the value of our personal space and the protection it offers us in being the boundary between our inner and outer the shell provides retreat for  the soft and vulnerable underbelly of the crab's interior. 

This is a great time to clear the clutter from our lives and surroundings, so as to make space for deeper connections and the promise of new beginnings to come in the year ahead. With this full moon, we are Astrologically drawn nearer to the desire to understand the cycles within our lives and our place within the world around us. It is the time in which we seek a sense of belonging and connectedness to our roots and origins, be it a more harmonious existence with the mother earth or a stronger bond with family and loved ones.

This moon softens the heart space to allow us to reach deep down into the core of our soul and become clear on the most important relationships and their value in our lives and soul evolution. Now is the time to express love and become more complete by leaving no words unsaid when it comes to the meaning of those we love in our lives. 

Grab a pen and write a letter to those you care for. Pick up the phone and call the people you have long been missing. Reach out and express yourself honestly to those who need to hear it so as not to regret never sharing the truth of the value each and every loved one has in your life and contributing to who you are today. Give thanks this full moon, for it is the perfect opportunity where emotional walls are broken and barriers are dissolved. 

It's time to make those deeper connections you have always wanted. 

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Sun in Capricorn 22nd December - January 19th

This is the time of laying foundations and making choices about our direction. A time of struggling through as a seed emerges through the earth's surface to sprout up towards greater heights. 

Capricorn is the time of forming structure that requires our deepest resources of both wisdom and determination. It is time now to persist in the face of resistance in knowing the potential outcome of achievement.

Capricorn sees us into the new calendar year that allows us structure in our lives along with something to measure our time and productivity by. This solar transit brings a lesson in the power of planning in order to build the walls that protect us from the outer forces. 

Through this time we learn the value of steady progress and focus as we are drawn to face the power of our deliberation in directing resources towards outcomes. A time of deep consideration and calculation in aligning the various aspects of our lives to support one another in growing strong and resilient.

The Sun in Capricorn tests our true determination and sincerity of purpose, by challenging us to evolve to become wiser in the pursuit of our evolution and self creation. 

This Astrological window reveals our weakness so as to awaken us to the potential to grow, be humbled and learn from our experience. Setbacks become our greatest friend as we enter the Capricorn that we may develop resilience and foresight for the future. 

Capricorn teaches us the value of hard work in pursuing our dreams. This transit unveils the purpose of commitment in building our dreams from solid foundations and never giving up. 

Friday, December 14, 2012

The Year of the Water Snake

The Snake is the Yin Fire animal of the Chinese Zodiac, governing the Heart organ known as the "Seat of Consciousness" where memory is stored and emotions are felt. Like a small candle flame, it is powerful in being the beginning of great transformation as it's sets light to far greater spheres beyond it's own. In a "Water" year, we can energetically link the force of the two elements to unite as a ripple effect, extending our oneness consciousness of unity, connectedness and merging forces within human kind.

Spiritually this Astrological period marks a mystic initiation into the balancing of opposing forces between fire and water, yin and yang, external and internal. This year brings us to face the crucial need to honour the inner life by voicing our deepest truth, our soul seated yearnings and hidden treasures of the spirit. It's time to speak and share our wisdom so as to lead the way in the discovery of our own unique insights and offerings in contribution to the unspoken needs of humanity.

The fire of the Snake animal heats up the water, giving it visibility, awakening us to it's power to transform, dissipate, reach out and expand it's influence.

The water element is needed now more most as we face the two year transit through "fire" animals, from the Snake to the Horse, where energy is set alight through the unfolding of the spiritual heart flower, the expression and giving of who we are. The Astrological fire season brings a rebirthing through the burning off of rigid branches, dried up directions and misguided assumptions.

This is a time to choose again, from the wisdom of our highest discoveries, from a presence free of past shaping towards a space of sharing and experiential exploration of perfection, gratitude and clarity of soul purpose.

2013 is the year of discovery, awakening and alignment with the forces of destiny, With relationships and health as our undeniable foundations for life, this year brings lessons in the value of connection, harmony and compassion, as we learn the art of living through the heart so as to bypass everything that blocks or limits our fulfilment of being our honest selves.

Water element (day / self sign)

Water people (born on a water day - in the Chinese Astrological calendar) will be called upon this year to step forward, take control and gain recognition for the fruits of their labours. Water souls have a busy year in 2013 while spreading their wings and expanding to greater heights...which brings them to need caution where their vital energy may steam and dissipate in spreading themselves too thinly. An interesting time indeed.

Metal element (day / self sign)

Metal people will make significant changes this year in surrendering to the powers that be and letting go of rigidly set ways. 2013 brings transformation to Metal people more than most, in breaking them down to become more malleable, flexible and willing to explore the unknown so as to be of service in ways that require the ultimate level of selflessness that lead to greater wisdom, recognition and humbling.

Earth element (day / self sign)

Earth spirits shall finally obtain their well earned support and recognition for their valuable contribution to sustainable living, through a commitment to nurturing the solidarity of existence. Overall Earth people will be strengthened by the energy of the Water Snake.. in particular, Yin earth people will have an incredibly harmonious year with relationships. 

Fire element (day / self sign)

Fire element people have a year of challenge in learning how to balance their energy and remain creative while under the pressure of the Water's presence. Fire people will have a very busy year of self refinement, discipline and application. On the other hand, you may at times feel a little under the water's weather. The key will be to keep moving to maintain momentum and spark. 

Wood element (day / self sign)

Wood people have a brilliant potential to shine this year as elemental influences are just ripe for the picking. Wood need both Fire (brought through the Snake) and Water elements to grow in sunshine, heat and water. 2013 brings perfect conditions for wood to grow and expand rapidly. The water Snake brings balance and blessings to wood people, with the stars aligned perfectly to enhance their strengths and allow them to soak up all that deep water wisdom.

Friday, November 2, 2012

November 2012 - The Month of the Metal Pig

The last animal in the Chinese Zodiac, the Pig brings closure where naturally called for. The closing of a year, marking the end of an ancient calendar mapped out by the Mayans.

The Pig is a Water animal, which is supported by the strong Metal during the year of the Dragon in 2012. This indicates a harmonious month of completion, resolution and realisation that brings freedom, detachment and purity. The metal Pig signifies a time of giving away for a higher purpose, being of service and contributing to life.  

The dark night of the Chinese Zodiac, the month of the Pig brings stillness and calm for perfect clarity to reflect and prepare for the birth to come. The Pig brings a time where openness is created in letting go, surrendering and accepting with understanding and appreciation for the new. 

November is the transit of resting in contemplation, meditation and anticipation. A time to dream, and become free of ties that bind. Awakening in us a seeking spirit for the highest level of balance and justice in the seedling energy of community and humanitarian evolution, the Pig is the birth sign of the Wood element, as it is the Yin (feminine) Water sign. Wood is the element of growth, expansion and the forming of networking connections of unity (community). 

The Metal Pig brings deeper introspection, investigation and refinement discovered in the lessons of time, pressure, challenge and determination. This is an Astrological shift towards recognition, definition and strengthening of foundations both physical and  psycho-spiritual.

November brings form to the dreams we have long held deeply guarded, protected and safe in consideration and contemplation. This month moves things along where barriers once seemed more powerful and illusive, drawing them to the surface of our reality to cut through and dissolve.

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Friday, October 19, 2012

A new beginning approaches in 2013

The asteroid Chiron was discovered in the year of the snake...both associated symbolically with "healing". Used as an image of medicine, the year of the Snake is upon us, with the global anticipation of the well known prediction of significant change from ancient Astrological calculations of the Mayan culture. Chiron is the asteroid that brings healing through the journey seeking to transform painful wounds into wisdom and strength.

The Snake is a fire animal rules the heart being the seat of consciousness which indicates a year of psycho-spiritual evolution and confrontation. In the Yin Water Snake, the elemental dynamic gives greater insight into the potential manifestations awaiting us. Yin water governs the kidneys, which are the store house of vital life force energy (chi) and sexual / reproductive / regenerative powers (potency and fertility). 

Given the animal is the foundation of energetic influence Astrologically speaking, the Fire element is stronger in 2013, meaning we will need to look closely at strengthening our Kidney chi (energy) with sufficient rest, rather than over exertion and depletion of vital nutrients for wellbeing. This year will potentially reveal any weaknesses related to lifestyle and environmental impacts contributing to infertility, fatigue and insomnia.

Health practitioners will likely be called upon more for help to restore Kidney strength where stress, toxins and exhaustion require attention. Given Chiron is now in Pisces, it is time to care for the water element...facing old wounds of spiritual uneasiness for the purpose of completion. Given the Snake is the foundation of the Astrological dynamic in 2013, the fire element will bring water to the boil, challenging us to move with grace from passion to mission, releasing all that has passed, so that space is created for the birth of new possibilities. 

The Snake is a spiritual animal helping us to burn the overgrown so as to make way for future growth and clear untameable obstruction.  With the snake being the seed of the metal element, in it's coil, we can begin to melt and transform old forms from rigid to refined and renewed. This coming year foretells a time for burning old ideals, thinking patterns and rigid beliefs into ashes that form new ground.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Full Moon in Aries conjunct Uranus September 30th

It's time for a shake up. A shift is calling us to take a step further and cut ties that bind. Of mind and body, soul and heart...this lunar light phase opens the portal to higher realms of awareness and knowing. With the sun shining in the sign of Libra, balancing karma in unusual ways, it's a strange time of coincidence...that some would call divine timing, synchronicity or alignment. To those who are open to the notion, it is time now to open up and surrender to the will of the "Gods", that I like to call the Grand Organised Design. 

A shift in perspective sweeps over the globe now as the planet of humanity aligns with the full moon shining a light on the needs of the now and overgrown outmoded clutter that blocks the light from birthing new life and possibility. Time to wake up from the daydreams and move into the present, to forget the wasteful worries and wish into the future a vision of outrageous steps forward into a crazy world of colourful creativity. 

This window of time urges us to reach out and up towards the heavens out of willingness to manifest the untold dreams of heartfelt yearning and belief, determination and purpose. Let this bright night sky shed it's wisdom on your soul in helping you shed layers of conditioning and letting go of false imagination of limitation. Take a moment now to feel faith in the future and power of untapped possibility. 

The full moon in Aries moves us leap years ahead in experience of gratitude for spiritual fulfillment and completion. Be present now as the time has arrived to live completely in the beauty of today and all it's freedom. Move and evolve into the next you give thanks for the coming days. For these are the most abundant in creative potential for future transformation and awakening. Give now, that which you wish to share and contribute, so as to be remembered for what you dedicate your life to standing for. As now is the time to tell the world what you are made of...and what is truly possible, from your own unique and untold vision within.